Contoh Perkenalan dalam Bahasa Inggris

My name is Daniel . you can call me danil .in live in Jakarta , i live with my father , my mother , my sister and my brother . i have three siblings , one sister and two brothers . my hobies are listen the music , watch movie and comedy because all that make me happy and entertain my self . I graduated from PGRI 1 senior high school, and now I am studing in christian university of indonesia
my face is round and narrow. I have small and brown eyes. flat nose and I also have thin lips. my hair is long,straight and black. I am short and normal weight. I am slim and then I have fair skin. I like to wear jeans,t-shirt and dress. I also to wear flat shoes,jacket and use watch
I have pleasant personality. Iam very friendly,sometimes Iam shy if I meet new people. I also fairly outgoing but not dominating, Iam confident. I also inteligent so I have a lot friends. sometimes I become annoying person and selfish. I like study hard ans I smile a lot.
My future plans are very definite, first Iam going to improve english and then finish my study in gunadarma university for four years. after that I want go to america for work. and get married there with my boyfriend, I want to live in europe for a long time, I wanna live happy forever.



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